Lefkada is the only island where access by road, through the fairway bridge that connects the mainland.

Access to the island:
• Through the National Road: Athens - Corinth - Patras - Rio - Antirio - Agrinion - Lefkada.
• KTEL buses from the station Kifisou, institutional / victory
• With a plane to the airport of Aktion, 20 minutes from the island's capital
• With sailing boat. (The island has a large marina and many natural harbors). Especially for our complex can be prosdesete in the quiet bay of Syvoton, just 60m from the rooms.
• With Seaplane from Patras, Volos and Corfu

Access to departments:

Within 30klm from Lefkada town on the southeast end of the island will find a traditional fishing village, the water sports. The band Sofia studios and apartments, is in the village.

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